Power Points and Switches

Light Switches & Power Points A key element of planning any new build or renovation is ensuring you get the finer details right. The growing presence of beautifully designed power points and switches means you no longer need to ruin a carefully styled room with a dated, chunky switch. These necessary electrical requirements can [...]

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Bedroom Bliss: Four Smart Ideas for Embracing Tech in the Bedroom

Source: Control4.com | Author bio: Shuayb Patel works at OWO Living, specialists in stylish home furniture and beds. From wearables to smart appliances, new frontiers in smart home technology are opening up everyday—all with the aim of helping your daily life go by a whole lot more smoothly.  It's been said people spend a third of their lives in [...]

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Christmas Lights and Electrical Safety

Every year, homes light up all across the Mornington Peninsula to celebrate the holiday season. Each year seems to be bigger and more spectacular than the last. It’s a big job to install all the decorations and requires a lot of thought and planning, not only in the visual design, but also the safety aspect [...]

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Preparing for electrics in your new home or renovation.

When moving into your newly built or renovated home, you want to sit down, relax and know that everything is exactly where it should be and suits your lifestyle not only today, but for future technological advancements. You don’t want to find out once you’ve moved in, that your power points are nowhere near your [...]

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Home Automation

Imagine your home automated. The blinds slowly rise at your designated wake up time, the sound of the kettle starting to boil, is the encouragement you need to get out of bed. The lights automatically come on as you wander into the kitchen. The water has reached the perfect temperature for your morning wake-up coffee. [...]

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