When moving into your newly built or renovated home, you want to sit down, relax and know that everything is exactly where it should be and suits your lifestyle not only today, but for future technological advancements. You don’t want to find out once you’ve moved in, that your power points are nowhere near your bed in the bedroom, or the lighting isn’t as bright as you hoped.

Given the electrical requirements in your home provide you with light, warmth and entertainment, you want to make sure you’ve got all of these creature comforts right.

More often that not, the design of the home, a wall in a certain location, or having little or no access beneath the house and roof spaces in homes, can see a homeowner either unable to have something they want, or spending large sums to make it happen, when simple planning early in the build process, could have future proofed those needs.

At O’Halloran Electrics, the perfect time to engage us, is before or as soon as you get the building plans. We urge clients to write a wish list. It can include things you are wanting in your home now, as well as things you might want to add in the future. We will also come to you with a few ideas that people typically forget about, but wish they had included such as home automation, future proofing for fibre optics, etc…

Below is a list of the top things you should consider when preparing for the electrics in your home.

1. Energy Source. Is your energy coming from mainstream electrical providers or are you thinking solar or alternative sources for your home?
2. Design. If you’ve spent time and money on the interior design of your home, why not make sure you follow this through to power outlets and switches. What colour, what style? Should they be up high out of children’s reach, or down low out of sight?
3. Power point locations. How many and in what locations? If you have lots of appliances in a small area, what solutions are there? Do you need waterproof power points outdoors? Or do you need power outlets in the ceiling for heating, cooling and a variety of other uses.
4. Meter box location. Do you have internal access direct to your garage so you don’t have to go outside? Or is the front porch the most handy spot for you?
5. Home entertainment. Where should my TV points go? Do you need a few points through the house, or even in your outdoors alfresco area. Do you need speakers throughout the home and outdoors? Do you want it all connected, or would you rather play different music in separate areas of the home?
6. Lighting. With so many light types on the market, what is the best option to achieve the feel and colours you want from the light itself, as well as the design of the fittings. How many lights do you need and where? Make sure you consider both the interior and exterior of your home. Do you want automated or sensor lighting outdoors?
7. Smoke detectors. What’s the best option for your household in terms of safety, convenience and design.
8. Wireless technology. What can you do to remove some of the clutter from wiring?
9. Internet. Based on the current internet access available and thinking of the future, what is the best solution for your home, given the properties location to the local substation and other elements of interference. What are your local networking requirements and where should phone points go if needed?
10. Home Automation. Assess whether it’s something you want to invest in now to make your dream home an amazing place to live, or plan for the future. You can start small with a few items and plan for home automation changes as your budget allows.
11. Electrical appliances. What appliances are you wanting to have in your home. What type of heating and cooling are you wanting? Do you have a spa or pool which may require certain phase power?

There are plenty more things that we will ask you to consider. A few things we will assess is the location of your electrical supply. Is it underground or overhead and how easy is it to access the electricity service pit or pole. We even think about your planned usage, to ensure the power supply is enough to cater for all your requirements.

We are often asked to recommend brands with the latest technology, lowest power usage or features to suit your lifestyle. We often get feedback on appliances in other people’s households daily, so we get to learn what people are loving or not.

It’s all in a day’s works for us, but will have a massive impact on your daily life, so you want to get it right. Our recommendation is to get us in as early as you can. Call us today to see how we can help with your new home or renovation.