Imagine your home automated. The blinds slowly rise at your designated wake up time, the sound of the kettle starting to boil, is the encouragement you need to get out of bed. The lights automatically come on as you wander into the kitchen. The water has reached the perfect temperature for your morning wake-up coffee.

The heating which turned itself on half an hour before you woke, has reached and is maintaining the perfect cosy temperature. You sit down on the couch and watch the morning news before you start the day. At the touch of one button, the lights dim, the shades lower to prevent glare on the screen and the TV starts playing. The speakers adjust the volume to the perfect level, so all you have to do is sit back and relax.

As you shower, you thank yourself for the heated flooring that automatically came on when you woke up. You dress to the soft music you selected on the in-wall touch screen. As you walk from room to room, the music follows seamlessly.

As you leave the house, you press the ‘away’ button on your smart phone. The doors lock, the lights, music and heating turn off. The security system arms and the garage door automatically closes as you drive out. The TV and other gadgets turn off to save power. Throughout the day, the blinds adjust to the light to reduce energy consumption and maximise solar heating. You know your home is safe and you can view any room in your house from your phone throughout the day if required.

When you head home, you engage the ‘arrive home’ status minutes as you reach the driveway. The garage door rises, the front door unlocks and the house disarms. The house is lit up at the front, so you can make your way effortlessly inside. The lights turn on, the blinds come down, the music starts playing and your TV and gadgets enter standby mode. The heating which turned on at your preset time is maintaining a perfect ambient temperature. You enjoy the evening at the touch of a button until you go to bed, where everything automatically shuts down for the night.

With the price of home automation reducing, O’Halloran Electrics are seeing a lot of homeowners bring this dream to reality. Bringing your home into the 21st century, comes with a lot of creature comforts, peace of mind and unparalleled security.

James is a certified home automation installer for Leviton and C–Bus. He installs all brands of home automation products and often uses a mix of brands to get the best out of all the options available on the market, tailoring the automation to the needs of each individual. Contacting O’Halloran Electrics at the beginning of any new home build or renovation, should be the first point of call as they can guide you through the initial consultation right through to design and construction. Retrofitting home automation can also be done especially for security and lighting options, so give the team a call today. Phone James on 0409 256 000.