Some of our completed projects

Ragamuffin Martha Cove

This project we completed for Forster Construction, The client requested they wanted a full integrated system. We used Leviton to control the security system as well as operate the access control were we integrated Leviton into Clipsal C-bus. Also installed a network video door intercome for remote access. We used a series of e-DLT switches and motion sensors to trigger scenes at different times of the day. We also did 16 Zones of audio all controlled via an app as well as a matrix video distribution system. In this project we also installed a cinema with 150inch screen as well as Dolby Atomos.

Kunyung Road Mount Eliza

This project was completed for Kabsav projects. The client was building a state of the art architectural home using a lot of concrete and rammed earth walls. We offered a solution of installing Clipsal C-Bus as it was a better solution for multi-gang switching. We also integrated this into Leviton to control their security and access control as well as installing network video door intercom and CCTV which can all be operated remotely.

Ragamuffin Point Martha Cove

This project was completed for Forster Construction. In this project the client wanted a full interactive smart home we just about automated everything. We used Clipsal c-bus overlayed with Leviton to control all the blinds, louvres, lighting, HVAC security, CCTV, AV-Audio even the fish tank. As a cool party trick we even got Alexa to control all aspects via voice command. We installed 30 motion sensors and 25 E-DLT switches. The home is so automated that the client tends not to use any of the switches as having all the blinds and lighting and audio set on scenes and schedules or via motion.

Mornington heritage home

This project was completed for our client, this was a house built in the mid 1800’s we integrated heritage switches into C-Bus to keep the period look with the smarts running in the background the client also did a large extension where we integrated automated blinds.

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