Our team at O’Halloran Electrics have received quite a few calls lately from customers who have participated in the VEET government scheme, where they replace your halogen globes with energy efficient LED globes. Whilst the idea was meant to be a positive step towards reducing energy usage in households, it has left many homeowners footing the bill to replace the globes and upgrade their transformers, which were not designed in the first place to cope with the LED lighting.
In many cases we have seen dull lighting, the wrong light globes used, standard globes being fitted when a dimmable option should have been used. Almost no home we have visited, had their transformers upgraded at the time by the person installing their new energy efficient lights, which has resulted in the dull lighting and flickering lights. The law on changing these globes (AS3000) is a muddy area, on who can install these, so some entrepreneurial minded people have taken advantage of the scheme, installing these lights and getting the credit, in lieu of a licensed electrician, who can identify required issues and/or upgrades when required. With so many lighting options out there, it’s not a case of one size fits all.

If you are thinking of upgrading your lighting, or you need your lighting fixed as a result of the VEET scheme, please call James on
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