The last month of winter is here!
We’re looking forward to seeing a number of projects
near completion and to getting started on some innovative
new installs across the Mornington Peninsula.
The connected living message is spreading far and wide,
and we’re at the forefront of the latest technologies.
Exciting times ahead!


Why have an ordinary staircase when you can bring stairs to life with dramatic, integrated stylish lighting?
All it takes is a little thought and careful planning to get results like this.
The effectiveness comes from the strategic placement of lighting under the handrails which creates a glow against the white walls and contrasts beautifully with the black.
If you would love to rethink the lighting design in your new home or renovation, have a chat with the O’Halloran Electrics team.  0409 256 000
Image: www.decoist.com


Dan has been part of the O’Halloran Electrics team for longer than we can remember! He’s not only a qualified electrician, he understands home automation and is super skilled at lighting design too.
The O’Halloran team can customise all your lighting design, home security and home automation needs to suit the requirements of your household.
Give us a call for more information: 0409 256 000


Our newest ute with it’s all new branding is out and about all around the Mornington Peninsula. We’re working on home automation, lighting design schemes, security projects and commercial installs from Flinders to Frankston.
If you see us out and about, make sure you give the boys a toot and a wave! 


Thinking about how great it would be to arrive home to the garage door opening up for your arrival – and a warm home with the lights on, the blinds down and your favourite tunes playing?
Home automation is here folks.
At O’Halloran Electrics we are fascinated by all things home automation. We specialise in designing bespoke systems that are in line with the latest trends and technologies available in the marketplace.
Explains James O’Halloran,
“Our ideal client is someone who is building their dream home. One touch of a button can initiate multiple tasks – raising or lowering blinds, turning the lights on and off, all controlled from your smart phone or tablet.
We cover all aspects of electrical work including lighting control, AV and audio control, security and CCTV access control, garage doors and cinema fitouts.
With the AV and audio control we can eliminate the need for multiple remote controls! Your mobile phone can be your control for everything in the house.
We also create lighting designs and customise lighting around our client’s needs. We talk through our client’s goals, analyse their house plans and design a lighting plan that suits their lifestyle.”

Call James on 0409 256 000 to arrange your home automation consultation.


Lighting placement is the key to a good design.
This bathroom features an LED strip light that’s triggered to turn on and off via a CBus sensor.
We also added an E-DLT switch to control the blinds throughout the home as well as the lighting, fans and heating.
Can you tell we love automation?
0409 256 000


“James O’Halloran and his team are leaders in technology with the CBus home automation system. Alot of the high end homes we work with want to use all of the available technology in their new home build or renovation. Home automation is high on the list of essential integrations. To have the ease of walking into your home and controlling all of the electrics with one touch of a button is incredible. It’s perfect for people who lead a busy lifestyle and enjoy technology and innovation. O’Halloran Electrics are a great team with excellent personable service and reliable follow up on every installation.”
Kate Walker, KWD