We recommend a range of Australian and International brands to make the most of your space.

Control 4
Elevate your living or working environment with Control 4's intuitive and customizable automation solutions. Peninsula Technologies is an authorised dealer of Control 4 products, delivering smart technology that enhances comfort, convenience, and security at the touch of a button.
Transform your home into an integrated smart haven with Environexus. Peninsula Technologies proudly partners with Environexus, a leading Australian brand renowned for designing innovative home automation systems. By leveraging the Nero platform, Environexus consolidates various home technologies into one cohesive system, streamlining everything from lighting and security to heating and air conditioning. 
Clipsal C-BUS
Experience the seamless integration of lighting, climate control, security, and more with Clipsal C-BUS. Peninsula Technologies is proud to offer cutting-edge solutions from Clipsal C-BUS, providing unparalleled convenience and efficiency in your home or business automation systems.
Peninsula Technologies is committed to offering the highest quality automation solutions, which is why we partner with KNX. KNX is a worldwide standard for home and building control, providing reliable and efficient automation systems that can be tailored to suit any project requirements.

Leading Brands.

We choose to work with only the best in our industry, all of the products we recommend are high quality and built to last.

Up-to-date technology.

Our team work with the latest technologies, and ensure the systems we put in place are durable and upgradable, so you're never left with outdated tech.

Built to suit your budget.

Your budget is just as important as the brief. We can recommend brands that are both a great solution, and great fit for any budget.

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