Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation Specialists

Enhance your home with automated lighting, climate control, security and more, all accessible through C-Bus' sleek touchscreens and intuitive wall switches. Our specialist smart-home designers are certified C-Bus programmers who provide comprehensive scenes and automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of your home or business.

Ideal for both new builds and renovations, C-Bus integrates advanced technology with stylish, efficient and easy-to-use controls. Experience the stylish Clipsal solutions in-person at our showroom, and learn more about how we can craft a custom project utilising C-bus technology that won't compromise the aesthetics of your home.

C-Bus Comprehensive Smart Home Design

Manage your home or business' lighting, security, blinds, audio equipment and more from a single interface, or wall switches. C-Bus technology provides the flexibility to completely customise your smart home whether your needs are for aesthetics, convenience or energy efficiency. The scalability of C-bus makes it perfect for new builds or renovations. Our team of expert a-grade electricians and certified C-Bus installers can also perform maintenance and diagnostics to ensure your smart home operates flawlessly.

Stylish, functional, practical

One of the primary reasons clients come to us for Clipsal C-Bus installation, is because of their superior functionality and stylish components. Their range include elegant touchscreens and wall switches in a variety of finishes to complement and blend into any interior. From sleek glass switch panels to modern touchscreens, or entirely remote control, the choice is yours.

Designing more sustainable homes

Build your home with sustainability in mind using Clipsal C-Bus technology. Automating your home's functions provides convenience and can significantly reduce your environmental footprint. Precise control over lighting, heating and cooling can optimise your energy usage for long-term cost savings. These solutions can include energy monitoring, occupancy sensors and smart thermostats to completely automate efficiency. Contact us about how you can build a smarter, more sustainable home.

"Peninsula Technologies have completed multiple security and automation projects for me and I could not be happier with the service and expert knowledge provided. Highly recommend!"

Nick Barnes

Business Owner

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